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Return Policy

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact our customer service department directly at [email protected] or Hélène Colmor at 450 293-4727 #324.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On which day do you receive surplus merchandise from major retailers?
    Our new arrivals are available on Wednesday mornings.
  • Do you offer a removal service for old appliances, mattresses or furniture on delivery?
    We do offer this service for appliances and mattresses, however there is a fee. You must mention it at the time of purchase so we can plan the necessary space in our delivery truck. 

    When you ask for the pickup of your mattress, the sales associate will give you a plastic bag to cover your old mattress.

    We cannot offer this service for furniture. We recommend that you contact a local charity that accepts furniture donations.
  • The furniture I bought was delivered unpacked, is this normal? I thought I had bought new furniture!  

    Don’t worry, this is quite normal! We unpack 95% of the furniture we deliver. This way, we can inspect the items before delivery to ensure nothing is broken, stained or defective. We also make sure that packaging is recycled or reused.  
  • Do you only sell damaged furniture?
    Of course not! The majority of our products are packaged and new, available in stock or on delivery.

    We have a section for furniture clearance, generally floor models that we let go because the model has been discontinued by the supplier. However, it is possible that a piece of furniture is sold at a discount because it is damaged.

    Always read the product description before you make your purchase!
  • Do I need to wait a certain time before plugging in my refrigerator after delivery?
    It is best to wait 2 to 3 hours before plugging in your appliance.
  • When I turned on my new front load washer, it began to vibrate and shake excessively. Is there a problem?
    The drum of frontload washers is secured to prevent it from moving during delivery. To learn how to unlock the drum, please contact our nearest store or send an email to [email protected].

    You must also make sure that the floor is properly levelled as some appliances are more prone to vibrations if the surface is uneven. Place a level on your washer to see if you need to make adjustments. You can level your washer by adjusting the removable legs underneath the appliance.
  • My kitchen chairs are not stable, should I ask for an exchange?
    Before requesting an exchange, check the adjustment of the chairs.

    Take a chair and place it on a flat surface such as your counter or kitchen table. Ask for help, as some chairs are very heavy and you may scratch the surface on which you rest your chair. You will immediately see if the problem is the chair or the floor.

    If the chair is stable on a flat surface, you can add felt tabs under the legs. This will usually do the trick! 

    If the problem persists, call the store where you made your purchase to request an exchange.

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